Husqvarna Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

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Zero-turn lawn mowers are the ultimate in power and convenience. They’re built with high-quality materials and powerful engines, which makes them perfect for large lots with hills or uneven terrain. And because they can turn on a dime, it’s almost impossible to get stuck or hung up in a corner of your yard when using one of these machines.

Zero-turn mowers are also great for people who have limited mobility since you don’t need to lean over as much while driving them around (although you still do have to bend down from time to time).

zero turn mower

How a zero-turn lawn mower works

In a zero-turn lawn mower, the front and rear wheels are set at an angle rather than being parallel to each other like they are in a traditional riding mower. The result is that the machine can turn by using only one wheel, instead of two as in a regular lawn tractor.

Zero-turn radius mowers are also called “go karts on grass” or “curb huggers” because you can get around quickly while still maintaining good control over the machine.

How to drive a zero-turn lawn mower

When you steer a zero-turn lawn mower, the front wheels will turn in the direction that you want to go. This makes it easy for you to maneuver around obstacles and make turns.

Who should buy a zero-turn lawn mower?

You should consider buying a zero-turn lawn mower if you:

  1. Have a lot of land to mow
  2. Want to save time and money on lawn care (it’s estimated that using a zero-turn saves about 50% of fuel costs)
  3. Want to improve your lawn care

A zero-turn mower is unlike any other

A zero-turn mower is unlike any other type of power lawn equipment. Instead of having to push it forward, you simply turn a steering wheel that moves the whole machine in place. That makes it easier to cover large areas quickly and allows for tighter maneuvering around trees, shrubs and flower beds. This kind of machine also has a larger deck than most other models, which means you can cut more grass with fewer passes across your yard. Zero-turn mowers are beneficial because they can be operated at higher speeds—they might even be able to go up hills or get through sandy soil without getting bogged down—and they don’t require as much effort as push mowers since they don’t have wheels on each side that need pushing against gravity as well as whatever surface you’re trying to move over (i.e., grass).