Kountry Kupbard II

Dutch Valley Bulk Goods Are Sold Here

Stop in and visit the Kountry Kupboard II attached to Earley Farm and Hardware Inc. today

The Kountry Kupboard II is located right next door to Earley Farm and Hardware Inc. and is a family owned bulk food store. We offer a full line of Dutch Valley bulk goods including chocolates, candies, jarred goods, spices, dried fruits, nuts, and so much more!

The Kountry Kupboard is proud to carry a vast selection of baking and canning supplies to help you create that perfect homemade treat. Learn more about everything we have to offer by stopping in to our country store today.

Find Everything You Need for your Fridge

Is it time to stock up your deli meats and cheeses? You’ll find everything you need to make your perfect sandwich at the Kountry Kupboard II. We carry the following deli items:

• John F. Martin meats and cheeses
• Home made deli salads made daily
• Subs
• Wraps
• Sandwiches
• Home made lunch specials offered Monday – Friday

The Kountry Kuppard II offers the most delicious fresh sweet treats. We offer homemade, from scratch, baked goods made right here in our country store. On a daily basis our wonderful associates prepare fantastic baked goods including cookies, rolls, pastries, donuts, and breads. Make sure to stop into the Kountry Kuppard II today where there is always something for everyone.

Come Visit!

Kountry Kupboard II
7967 State Route 20
Madison NY 13402
(315) 893-7437
Open Mon-Fri 8-5 and Sat 8-4